Monday, November 24, 2014

Winter Golf Schools…getting ready for your best year in golf!

Hi Friends: Another winter has arrived and only 8 feet of snow in Buffalo New York for November must be an all time low! So let s move SOUTH to the beautiful, perfect, winter locations for my golf schools: Phoenix, Tucson, Orlando, San Diego, and Ft. Lauderdale, just to name a few you have arrived! Now, we need a solid PLAN to get our golf games in shape. Whether you are an aspiring Tour Player, College Player, a Club Champion, or just want to REALLY shave 5 strokes off your scores on a consistent basis, let s get down to the REAL TRUTHS on how to get better Let s go: ***GRIP YOUR CLUB CORRECTLY!! this is the year you finally learn the proper Grip, and how Grip pressure affects every swing you make in golf. When you change your grip, for the better, yes, it will feel strange and uncomfortable . Please grit your teeth and grip your club exactly how your teacher tells you. in 2 weeks, it will become natural, feel much better, and your golf club will start responding the way it should. B

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